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MyTable Website Terms of Use

Acceptance of these Terms of Use:

By viewing any page on the MyTable website or using the MyTable online reservation system, you accept that your use is governed by these Terms of Use.

Appropriate use of site:

MyTable is a tool for users to find restaurants and make online reservations, with the option for users to share their opinions about restaurants by writing reviews and voting whether you would recommend the restaurant to a friend. Any activity on this site that is not related to these activities is not acceptable and is considered a violation of the Terms of Use.

Use of your identity:

You may use your true identity on the MyTable website, or adopt a new name. You may not use another person’s name or in any way use an identity for fraudulent purposes. You may not use another person’s login or username. You may not create multiple identities or logins on MyTable. In particular, you may not use this site to create or distribute unwanted email or to distribute computer viruses.

Copyright and property ownership:

All information, photos, graphic designs, and source code found on MyTable are the copyrighted property of MyTable or the restaurants that are listed on the site. Except for your personal, non-commercial use, these materials may not be copied, reproduced, distributed or altered in any way except with written permission of MyTable. Copying MyTable’s restaurant data by any means is strictly prohibited.

MyTable is the sole owner of its name, logo and domain name. These may not be used without the written permission of MyTable.

Restaurant reviews:

You may only vote whether to recommend a restaurant or write reviews for restaurants where you have personally eaten in the past 12 months. The purpose of voting and reviews is to assist other users in their search for restaurants. You may not use votes or reviews to enhance the reputation of your own restaurant or a restaurant where you work. You may not use votes or reviews to hurt the reputation of restaurants that compete with your restaurant or one where you work.

MyTable reserves the right to edit reviews if they contain profanity or personal references, or to delete reviews if they contain spam or other irrelevant information.

All votes and reviews you submit to MyTable become the property of MyTable and may be displayed on MyTable together with your photo and screen name if you have created a member profile on MyTable.

Restaurant Reservations:

If you make a reservation using the MyTable reservation system, you agree to provide accurate and complete personal information so that the restaurant knows who has made the reservation and how you may be contacted. If you will not use your reservations or for any reason are not able to be at the restaurant at the time of the reservation, you must cancel your reservation, either via MyTable or by contacting the restaurant directly. Unused reservations that are not canceled will lead to you being banned from using the MyTable reservation system. You may also be banned by restaurants, depending on restaurant policies.

Disclaimer of Warranties:

MyTable makes no claims or warranties related to the accuracy or completeness of any information found on the site. Nor do we make any warranties regarding the accessibility of the MyTable website.


MyTable is committed to the privacy of all its users. Please read our Privacy Policy.

Violation of these Terms of Use:

If you violate these Terms of Use, you will be permanently blocked from using this website and all records of your misuse of this site will be sent to the appropriate law enforcement authorities in the country of your residence.