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About MyTable

Find and reserve the best restaurants in Europe using MyTable

For Diners

MyTable offers diners a convenient way to find and reserve restaurants throughout Europe. Searching by keyword or on maps, diners have a wide choice of restaurants throughout the country, organized by cuisine type, price and other important criteria.  And once they select a restaurant, it’s fast and easy to reserve a table online and receive an immediate confirmation by email.

MyTable members can write restaurant reviews and vote whether to recommend restaurants to friends. They can also upload restaurant and food photos and in other ways interact with restaurant enthusiasts from around the world.

For Restaurants

MyTable restaurants receive reservations from new diners all over Europe, and indeed, from around the world.  The MyTable website and smart phone apps are important new marketing channels that attract diners who have never before eaten in your restaurant.

MyTable also provides a booking engine to be installed directly on the restaurant’s own website. This helps convert visitors to the restaurant’s website into paying guests of the restaurant.


MyTable uses advanced website and smart phone technology to offer an attractive user experience to diners, while providing a cost-effective and convenient source of new reservations to restaurants. Restaurants can manage table availability and update listings from a private extranet.

MyTable AG is based in Luzern, Switzerland.  To request additional information, use our Contact form.