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Restaurant details:

Al Portone di Francis Carré

Via Cassarate 3, 6900 Lugano


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Restaurant menus:

Cuisine type:

World Cuisine / International | Gourmet/Star cuisine | Theme/Entertainement | Gluten free | Vegetarian


Price range: CHF 51 and over

(Meal for 1 person, without drinks)

Al Portone di Francis Carré


* Duck Foie Gras Truffles flavoured with Armagnac
Dried prunes d’Agen Chutney
* Wild Seabass Fillet from Brittany served on tomato compote
Black Olives Coulis
* Sautéed Sweet bread Flambéed with Armagnac
Morels sauce
* Sealed Duck Liver Foie Gras, Served on Rösti
* “Paris-Brest“ choux puff ring filled with Bailey’s flavoured cream