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Rössli, Robenhausen Ristorante


Dorfstrasse 23, 8620 Wetzikon, Svizzera

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Descrizione ristorante

Wir bieten ein spannendes Ambiente mit vielen Details zum Wohlfühlen:

Regionale, saisonale, einfach-gesunde bis trendige-edle marktfrische und ehrliche Küche.

Auserlesene Weine und Getränke für den Preisbewussten bis hin zum Feinschmecker.

Freundliches, flexibles, topmotiviertes und zuvorkommendes Team.

Fühlen Sie sich wie zu Hause.

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Dettagli del ristorante

Costi: CHF 26-50

Tipo cucina

  • Svizzera
  • Tradizionale | Piatti regionali


  • Indicato per pasti di lavoro


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Punteggio medio: 2,4

Cucina 1,0

Qualità/prezzo 1,0

Servizio 1,0

Ambiente 1,0

Toilet 8,0



Rössli, Robenhausen (Wetzikon)

Dorfstrasse 23 - Wetzikon - Svizzera

The service is extremely bad. Not worth trying if you want to have a nice meal.
My partner and I tried it several times, because it was one of the few place open on Sundays and the food is all right.

The waiters are all very unfriendly. The type that never smiles and look through you as if they are angry at you. Especially if you ask them something. They always ask if the food was good, but if you tell them whatever, they get angry.

The last time my partner found an insect in her salad. When the waitress (the manager's wife I suppose) looking at her untouched salad asked if the food was good, she told her why I didn't eat. She took the plate angrily and came back with the husband, asking her angrily to show him the insect. But the leaf with insect was already removed.

The guy was completely red in his face. It was just incredible. I thought he might be ready to beat us. I laughed it away because I didn't want to ruin our Sunday. The rude manager came back with the bill on the table, implying that we have to leave. We paid and left.

Cucina 1,0

Qualità/prezzo 1,0

Servizio 1,0

Ambiente 1,0

Toilet 8,0

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Regionale, saisonale, einfach-gesunde bis trendige-edle marktfrische und ehrliche Küche.

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Lunedì Martedì Mercoledì Giovedì Venerdì Sabato Domenica

Gruppo, incontro, servizi per feste private:

Numero massimo di persone per cocktail: 24
Numero massimo di posti a sedere: -
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Lingua parlata:

  • Tedesco

Opzioni di pagamento:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Eurocard
  • Contanti
  • American Express


  • Parcheggio pubblico disponibile

Impostazioni GPS:

Latitudine: 47,33183
Longitudine: 8,786887

Trasporto pubblico:

Autobahn Zürich Richtung Uster A53
Autobahnende 1.44km geradeaus auf Zürcherstrasse.
nach Ortstafel Wetzikon 190m dann links auf Usterstrasse
640m weiter geradeaus dann links auf Dorfstrasse.
nach 170 m halbrechts und 20m geradeaus.

Ab Bahnhof Wetzikon mit Bus Nr 853 bis Station Robenhausen ca.15min


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