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"le chalet" Ristorante


Walter Mittelholzerstrasse 8, 8152 Glattbrugg, Svizzera

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Descrizione ristorante

Le Chalet is a Swiss Spezialitätenrestaurant and focuses on best and most sustainable products. The restaruant is contemporary and preferred products that meet the quality requirements.

Andre Riedel is the boss at the stove and Nina Haeberle cares as friendly hostess about the guests.
Le Chalet is run with passion and this is felt by the visitors.
Mainly contemporary Swiss cuisine prepared and interpreted.

Le Chalet is located in Glattbrugg, Hohenbühl in Walter Mittelholzerstrasse. The Swiss gastronomic Spezialitätenrestaruant is part of the Movenpick Hotel Zurich Airport.
Special features:
An individual service with a personal touch is very important for Le Chalet. To create a cozy atmosphere in the restaurant, the design and the device was modeled after a chalet.

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Dettagli del ristorante

Costi: CHF 26-50

Tipo cucina

  • Cucina europea
  • Vegetariano | Organico
  • Piatti regionali | Chalet


  • Bambini benvenuti
  • Bar disponibile
  • Indicato per pasti di lavoro
  • Accessibile ai disabili


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Risotto, fresh mushrooms, herb foam, freshly grated “Belper Chnolä” cheese

Barley soup with vegetables, beans, potatoes, air dried beef, beef tea and cream

Poached pikeperch, pea purée, shallot sauce, pea coulis, bacon foam

Sautéed sturgeon fillet, blanched leek, vegetable balls

Spinach ravioli with curd cheese, lime, Prosecco-carrot sauce, pine nuts

Braised pork belly, thyme-beer sauce, autumn vegetables

Lamb rib chops, port wine jus, pumpkin, Brussels sprouts

SwissPrim beef shoulder braised in Merlot, herb croutons, carrots

Veal chop, Burgundy sauce, sautéed mushrooms, leaf spinach with garlic oil

Medallion of venison loin, honey pepper crust, jus with wild black currant, savoy red cabbage roll

Each main course will be served with a portion of our house specialty; creamed potato puree, presented in an individual iron casserole

Provenienza del Cibo

Five years ago the Gunzwiler farmer Martin Wandeler started to feed his pigs with yeast and lees from beer production. He discovered, that this has a positive effect on the quality of the meat.”The meat of these ‘beer-pigs’ is more tender and is more flavourful than conventionaly fed pigs”, explained Wandeler.

We are exceptionally proud to partner with HERITAGE ANGUS RANGE FED BEEF. Dr. Christoph Weder, a Swiss-Canadian, is a pioneer in producing real Angus Beef in an old fashioned and natural way. Together with a group of western canadian ranching families, he works in harmony with nature at the highest quality standards possible. The tenderness and flavour of a perfectly roasted Heritage Angus Beef is unmatched.
All other meat products are of Swiss origin, if not individually advised.

Products with the origin label SUISSE GARANTIE are produced and processed in Switzerland with local raw materials. Strict independent controls guarantee such high quality. Swiss farmers are producing these products in an enviromental and humane process without genetic modification. Our vegetables are also produced by Suisse Garantie farmers.

The “natürli” label is an association of 24 different cheese dairies located in the surrounding area of Zurich. The high standards of the label guarantee a sustainable production of regional raw milk cheese specialities. The world best Jersey blue cheeses produced by the 2010 world champion Willy Schmid is only one of the gemstones under the patronage of ‘natürli’. All cheeses in our ‘le chalet’ are from ‘natürli’ cheese dairies.

The Glauser family has been producing trout and charr in the village of Bachs since 1993. Their fishes are uniquely bred in natural ponds and pools. Their production is sustainable which means that each year they spawn all fish eggs from their own adult fish. Since 2001 the fish farm operates under the “organic Suisse” guidelines. All our trouts are exclusively sourced from the Bachs farm.

The Frutigen tropical house is located in the Bernese mountain area. The 100 liter of warm mountain water, which flow out of the base of the Lötschberg railway tunnel each second, are used for heating a tropical house and large fish pools. Siberian sturgeon are reared in these pools on premium fisch fodder without using antibiotics or chemical pesticides. Aquaculture is a practical alternative to traditional fishing in the open sea.

The ultimate ambition of the „Marine Stewardship Council“ (MSC) label is to make a valid contribution to the health of the worlds oceans. Their aim is to encourage sustainable fishing.
„Friend of the Sea“ is a programme to promote and certify ecofriendly fisheries and aqua cultures. These fisheries do not fish rare or endangered species and the by catch has been less than 8 % of the total catch.

An important and exclusive partner is the Staatskellerei Zurich. Some wines are produced using the Demeter biodynamic method, for example the Solaris grape. Our wine maker Werner Kuster’s approach is quality over quantity. You can see and taste the results in every bottle that he produces. More information is available in our wine list.

Informazioni pratiche


Lunedì Martedì Mercoledì Giovedì Venerdì Sabato Domenica

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Closed during school summer holidays. On public holidays open in the evening only.

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Numero massimo di persone per cocktail: 0
Numero massimo di posti a sedere: 80
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Impostazioni GPS:

Latitudine: 47,43921
Longitudine: 8,568604

Trasporto pubblico:

Train S7 to station Kloten Balsberg - Tram no.10 to Balsberg, or use the complimentary Mövenpick Hotel Zurich-Airport shuttle from the airport. The shuttle departs every 15 minutes.


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