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Hotel Het Raedthuys Ristorante


Markt 2, 4695 CE Sint Maartensdijk, Paesi Bassi

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In the French kitchen of the Raedthuys are delicious, sustainable, organic and healthy policy spearheads. The Raedthuys works only with fresh ingredients with respect for the environment, humans and animals are produced directly from the land and from their own region. The new feature of hotel restaurant gives a boost to a small place like Sintmaartensdijk. The Raedthuys is becoming renowned four star hotel with five star potential. "


In our kitchen we go back to basics, with food that is not from a package, container or bag is, but fresh from the Oosterschelde and the Zeeland clay


The secret of the lunch menu in the Raedthuys is to prepare food as it was originally intended: pure, healthy, and above all very tasty. The priority is to culinary traditions and crafts combined with a high degree of hospitality.

The kitchen of the Raedthuys is classic French oriented with respect to the knowledge of our ancestors, but with the production of these time prepared, without unnecessary additives. In addition, the raw materials and ingredients, preferably as close to home to home involved.

The minimization of the transport of raw materials and goods meets the sustainable nature of the cuisine of the Raedthuys. It has a restaurant, which is affiliated with Euro-Toques Netherlands. The Raedthuys therefore reserves to the "Code of Honor": they only cooked with local pure natural respect for the different seasons


In Raedthuys one is the right place for fine dining. Dine then a peaceful night's rest in one of the luxurious hotel rooms or apartments. Also non-guests are of course welcome to the culinary dishes to enjoy. Delicious, sustainable, organic and healthy compete in the French cuisine of The Raedthuys to prevail. These are the pillars on which the culinary delights of The Raedthuys are founded.

This hotel restaurant only uses fresh ingredients with respect for the environment, humans and animals are produced directly from the land and from their own region. If possible it would Raedthuys something back to the lovely region where its right to exist owes. The new feature of hotel and restaurant in the former town means an economic incentive for the small town of St-Maartensdijk.

The kitchen staff brings pure food from Zeeland. The products are sourced from local farmers and craftsmen and suppliers of the best quality taste. The cooking technique is rooted in classical French cuisine. On the menu will focus on all the good things up close can be achieved.

The dishes on the dinner menu range from Zeeland oysters and lamb Thools a classic steak tartare and the Oosterschelde lobster and mussels in a warm salad of chicken country.

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Dettagli del ristorante

Costi: EUR 16-25

Tipo cucina

  • Cucina europea
  • Gourmet/Star cuisine


  • Bar disponibile
  • Animali domestici consentiti
  • Terrazza disponibile
  • Accessibile ai disabili
  • Indicato per pasti di lavoro
  • Bambini benvenuti
  • WIFI gratuito


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Zealand Hotel

In the atmospheric restaurant, guests are treated to dishes from the classic French cuisine, with a nod to the present. With pride and love are dishes prepared Zealand. The dishes are not only delicious, but often also durable and biodegradable.

It is returned to the base, with culinary delights that are not from a pack, container or bag, but fresh from the Oosterschelde and the Zeeland clay. The ingredients are preferably directly from local farmers and artisans from Zeeland retrieved, in the spirit of the initiative 'tasty regional product.

For the professional team of enthusiastic staff hospitality is second nature. The enthusiastic staff are indeed ready for guests from home and abroad to welcome. Couples, families, singles, business people holding a meeting in a beautiful area to invest: Hotel Raedthuys is the designated address Zealand to enjoy or to meet in the picturesque setting of Zeeland.

Oosterschelde Lobster from the box
Oysters out of the box

Provenienza del Cibo


The Raedthuys supports the initiative "tasty regional product" wholeheartedly. The head cook prepares typical regional dishes and uses ingredients that come from local suppliers, farmers and artisans. It is only with fresh, honest and regional products from Zeeland worked.

The Raedthuys combines hospitality with culinary traditions and crafts. On the dinner menu vary the courts of a classic steak tartare and a warm salad of country chicken to fresh Zeeland Salty Delights from the Oosterschelde as Zeeland lobster, oysters, mussels and eel. In season, for example, also delicious Thools lamb served.


The Raedthuys is affiliated with Euro-Toques Netherlands. That means that this restaurant adheres to the "Code of Honor". Therefore, it is cooked with pure natural local products, where the seasons are respected.

Enjoy your meal!

Informazioni pratiche


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Gruppo, incontro, servizi per feste private:

Numero massimo di persone per cocktail: 120
Numero massimo di posti a sedere: 80
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Adesioni e riconoscimenti:

  • Guide Rouge (Michelin)

Lingua parlata:

  • Francese
  • Olandese
  • Tedesco
  • Inglese

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  • Maestro
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Impostazioni GPS:

Latitudine: 51,54859
Longitudine: 4,078302


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