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Restaurant Birraria La Corte


San Polo 2168, 30125 Venezia, Italien

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Birraria La Corte is the realization of a life-long dream. The idea of restoring these premises to their former intended use has always been a secret dream of the Zambon brothers and when, in 1997, the opportunity arose to restore these sixteenth century stores they didn’t think twice about it. Birraria La Corte was and is a trendsetting restaurant, and after ten years’ activity the Zambon brothers are still seeking to perfect and improve it in order to give their clients that mix of good cooking and welcoming atmosphere for which they have always been known.

Our kitchen selects and combines the flavours and fragrant aromas of authentic ingredients produced by companies that make respect for nature and tradition their philosophy. Our quest is also inspired by the trend in recent years for protecting and preserving our bodies and for disease prevention through physical exercise and, of course, proper nutrition. In our kitchen, the use of artificial foods which have been refined or which contain chemical preservatives or colourings, butter and its products, or chemical flavour enhancers such as monosodium glutamate, is completely banned.

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Preise EUR 16-25


  • Mediterran | Italienisch
  • Vegetarisch
  • Pizza | Traditionell


  • Klimatisiert
  • Terrasse verfügbar


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Variety of homemade pasta
Irish Angus beef

Herkunft der Lebensmittel

Our specialities are: homemade pasta, stuffed pasta and other pasta dishes served in sauces prepared with fresh, in-season products checked in our kitchen; top quality Irish Angus beef and beef from Mediterranean buffalos, born, grown, reared and butchered in Calabria by the same company that supplies us with buffalo mozzarella and many other products cultivated on its land and thus typical of the region.

Our capers, dried tomatoes, nocellara olives, salted anchovies, tuna and swordfish, and extra-virgin olive oil are all products which we purchase in Puglia, Campania, Calabria and Sicily from businesses which are often run by skilled labourers who only work to order so that they can ensure the quality and freshness of their products. Our bacon, ham and sausages are produced by a small company in South Tyrol and are made for our dishes and pizzas, cured in caves according to tradition, and come from pigs reared and certified in Austria.

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  • Englisch
  • Italienisch


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GPS Einstellungen

Breite: 45,43797
Länge: 12,32984


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