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Alle Murate Restaurant


Via del Proconsolo 16/r, 50100 Firenze, Italie

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Description du restaurant

Restaurant Alle Murate is a unique place, it's a restaurant and a museum at the same time. Its spaces not only inspire a sober and accurate cuisine offer but are also home to a hugely valuable artistic and historic heritage possible to visit even with the support of audioguides.

The restaurant is hosted in the famous Palazzo dell'Arte dei Giudici e Notai, place where a series of frescos from 1300 as well as some archeological finds from the Roman era narrate the history of Florence up to the Rinascimento. (Living witness of a city at the heart of western civilization - Antonio Paolucci)

In this beautiful and unique ambient we welcome our guests and work hard to offer something that goes beyond a simple gastronomic experience. (Even the kitchen itself gets inspired by this ancient beauty providing traditional regional flavours. Unique! - Michelin Guide 2012 )

For the last 30 years our cook, Giovanna Iorio, has been inspired by the typical regional Italian traditions and has combined with passion and knowledge ancient recipies with her contemporary view using only excellent and sometimes rare seasonal ingredients.

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Prix: EUR 51 et plus

Type de cuisine

  • Méditerranéenne | Italienne
  • Plats Régionaux | Créative


  • Équipé pour des repas d'affaires


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Chianina beef tartare with botargo and ginger mayonnaise
Sepia spaghettini with prawns sauce
Our interpretation of Fiorentina T-bone steak (for 2 people)

Expériences et qualifications du chef exécutif

It's not really possibile to appreciate Alle Murate Cuisine without getting in touch with Giovanna Iorio, who represents the soul and the spirit of this place.

Born in Carbone, a village near Potenza in the South of Italy, she chose to become a cook thirty years ago, soon after her arrival in Florence.

The memory of simple and strong tastes living her childhood, as well as the desire to try to make the same dishes cooked by her mother led her to seek for fresh ingredients and authentic recipes. The traditional Tuscan and Florentine cuisine has been another important proving ground for her inspiration.

The dishes made by Giovanna Iorio appear elegant and simple. Their taste seems strong and pure. "Because - as explained by the cook - the food will always be a primal thing."

The dishes flavors reveal the presence of fresh and seasonal ingredients. As a matter of fact, the menu of Alle Murate restaurant changes depending on the season and the availability of raw materials. The only things that never change are Giovanna's preference for soups and her real passion for this job.

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  • Guide Rouge (Michelin)

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  • Anglais
  • Italien

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Coordonnées GPS:

Latitude: 43,77215
Longitude 11,25787

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C1 Diaz, C2 Torre Della Serpe


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