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Orange Ristorante


Campo Santa Margherita 3054/a, 30123 Venezia, Italia

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Descrizione ristorante

You enter into the lounge with it's interior style between the alleys of Venice, with a local that is innovating in furnishing, in services and in spritis. Completely furnished in orange colour, it is characterised with it's simple and crucial linees within the design, with floors in dark wood, tables and seats surrounded by spot lightnings from the floor and the walls.

Built in 4 different environments, it will meet any possible requirement. From Campo Santa Margherita one enters into an atmosphere that is well lookded after. Where on one side the large curved barbank resides and on the other side there's, as a counterpart, seating places next to the window. Following one short hallway one enters into a private backyard that is surrounded by old venetian palaces.
This is a magnificent outstanding place to have parties for any bachelors degree, banks, private parties and receptions.

Above the premises there's an absolute new building for the local: the first terrace in Campo Santa Margherita open to the public from year 2005. To dine at the Orange with this exclusive panorama is an occasion not to miss in other words.

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Dettagli del ristorante

Costi: EUR 16-25

Tipo cucina

  • Mediterranea | Italiana
  • Crêperie | Burgers


  • Bar disponibile
  • Terrazza disponibile


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One can choose from a wide varitey on the menù. You will find dishes like, american hamburger, various dishes with grilled food, meat dishes and fish dishes that has to be ordered in advance.

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  • Italiano
  • Inglese

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Impostazioni GPS:

Latitudine: 45,43486
Longitudine: 12,32383


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