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Restaurante El Carnicero Grill


crta de cadiz cambio sentido/exit CANCELADA, 29680 Estepona, España

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El Carnicero Grill (Estepona)

crta de cadiz cambio sentido/exit CANCELADA - Estepona - España

How a holiday evening out with family can go so wrong? We have been to El Carnicero Grill once before and were badly stung by the hidden extras but went again prepared to take it easy on kids fizzy drinks. The food was ok although the portion size has halved this year (2012) compared to previous. The problem we encountered was with the staff. My husband rather painfully found out that the butter dish had shattered into the butter AFTER he had eaten and chewed through a rather large chunk of plate! Luckily no blood lost just very sore teeth and a few scratches. My son managed to spit out his "chunks of plate, bread and butter" when my husband started choking on his! I was saved the ordeal as hadn't started yet! The waiter dutifully apologised and removed the offending butter. Now - one of the extras on the bill is a comparatively expensive cover charge which I disputed paying due to the fact we hadn't eaten the so called complimentary bread and butter due to what I thought was fairly obvious reasons. The waitress / cashier / manageress then proceeded to HIT HE ROOF! To cut what is dangerously becoming a long rant short, she accused us of lying. Making it up and being dishonest!! (If only I had had the foresight to save it!? or taken a picture!? but never in a million years thought that would be necessary) but we were dumbfounded! She was rude, aggressive and distressingly confrontational and repetitively accused us of being liars without proof who were trying to dodge paying the cover charge. It was such an unexpected response. All we wanted was an apology and for her to remove the cover charge. (a grand sum of 7euros) When we tried to explain what happened and the damage to the china plate and my husbands teeth she started demanding to see his teeth!! If I wasn't so upset by the viciousness of her attack on us I might of thought it was some sort of sick set up! I have since complained to the management. But it was emotionally upsetting. I am not easily upset or intimidated but it was so unwarranted and unprovoked it upset me and my young family deeply. The manageress then told us not to come back as we were barred!! Unforgettable and unforgivable. my little boy was never before witnessed such a spectacle and hopefully will never have to again at such a young age. A terrible terrible experience!! Don't go! but if you do eat with extreme care and don't upset the staff! (oh yes - and don't order too many drinks and you'll pay more for the drinks than you do for the stingy food)

Comida 5,0

Calidad/precio 4,0

Servicio 1,0

Ambiente 1,0

Baños 4,0

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Latitud: 36,46777
Longitud: -5,04424


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