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Medicis Ristorante


Avenue de l'Escrime 124, 1150 Sint-Pieters-Woluwe, Belgio

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Descrizione ristorante

Our kitchen follows the markets and seasons.

All products arrive fresh and in whole. Our daily search is to find the finest products and the best suppliers. Those people who understand our demand for quality.

Waking up a renewed interest at our customers is the main goal in the kitchen. The calendar dictates us to go over the whole range of season products, each time again. That is why we adapt the menu cards every two months.

With fine taste, we present you our selection of game at the start of every winter period. This is the yearly top moment for the connoisseur. Also the scallops, alive and fresh, add their value to the feast, in a carpaccio, grilled or golden when baked in butter.

We offer you a wide variety of marine residents, cuttle-fish, perch, flatfish, bream and shellfish vary amongst the seasons. Of course, the juicy entrecote, the tasty lamb and the tender duck can’t be absent in our selection.

Naturally, we don’t neglect dessert, since it is the capstone of a successful meal. All between bites are home made and we are modestly proud of our sorbets, chocolate mousses and pancakes. Look at the passionate inventory of this unpretentious house.

Dear connoisseur of the Medicis, we are nothing without you. Our efforts are there to please you and your appreciation of our creativity is the main target of our kitchen philosophy.

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Dettagli del ristorante

Costi: EUR 26-50

Tipo cucina

  • Francese
  • Gourmet/Star cuisine


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Lingua parlata:

  • Francese
  • Inglese
  • Olandese

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Latitudine: 50,83854
Longitudine: 4,463239


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