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Restaurant Le Chapeau Blanc


Rue Wayez 200, 1070 Anderlecht, Belgien

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"The White Hat" at the crossroads of history since 1890, is one of the oldest institutions of Anderlecht. "Donderbichke" has been one of the first bosses. Visit the club's supporters' purple and white ", all major players in the Royal Sporting Club Anderlecht came to take a walkabout.

Upstairs, a magnificent banquet hall attracted notables of the town.

Transformed in the 90's by Mr. REUBSAETS in "Parisian brasserie in the style of home," The White Hat has become synonymous with "good food at the Place de la Vaillance". The succession was assured by Mr. HUBERT who made it a center of appointment of the bourgeoisie who enjoys demanding style, the card and the quality of food prepared by the chef.

You can, of course, enjoy all the products of the Brewery HAACHT which will be served in respect of tradition.
In October 2007, the white hat won the "2008 GRAND PRIX OF GOOD FOOD TRADITION" awarded by "GUIDE DES CONNAISSEURS" (Gourmet magazine), by Jacques Kother, food critic, President of Grand Prix and BEL RTL, in the person of Jean-Jacques DeLeeuw, CEO.


Hats off to the White Hat: Your favorite brasserie is not new but makes a facelift with a new management !

Michael Sturbois after 3 years of maitre d at the white hat, took control of the ship now for almost a year. Michael, 27, is not his first experience and is, among other things, been through good homes like the famous “La Quincaillerie”, the Brasserie Saint Germain ....
The young restaurateur has long understood that a client must be earned and it ensures that it is welcomed as it should be, treated as it should be thanked and when it leaves the restaurant.

The kitchen is not left with a new leader: Patrick Moreira.
His cuisine reflects his good humor and his knowledge, both traditional cuisine and rabble inventions. His suggestions will share tastes and pleasures of our country as well as hers once a week ... the chef is from Cape Verde!

Both feet are waiting with open arms and firm and you will discover or rediscover the white hat, both for individual meals for your events. The White Hat has indeed a large private banquet room at first floor welcomes you for your banquets, meetings, cocktail parties, birthdays, company party, communion, weddings, ...

Let us hope that this new restoration iconic duo Anderlecht will excite your taste buds more than once.

Long live the white hat!

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Preise EUR 16-25


  • Belgisch | Französisch
  • Traditionell | Brasserie


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  • Französisch
  • Niederländisch
  • Spanisch
  • Englisch


  • Bargeld

GPS Einstellungen

Breite: 50,83495
Länge: 4,307707


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